2 thoughts on “RMS AD Caching for SharePoint 2010 Users”

  1. I enjoyed this series of post. We are looking into setting up ADRMS with a SharePoint environment and I wanted to learn how this will effect SharePoint development, usage, and security. These posts answered a majority of the questions and provided new ones. One major question that I can not find an answer too is how does ADRMS work with office web apps in SharePoint 2010. We are looking for the ability to force users to view the documents in the browser without being able to save or print. I know SharePoint can make it so that documents cannot be downloaded taking care of the save option however, cannot find a way to keep them from printing. We know the risk with copying and screen capture and willing to accept that limitation.

    All that being said do you know if ADRMS kicks in when a document is opened using office web apps and viewed in the browser. If not is there an option to force the document to be viewed in the browser that works with ADRMS and SharePoint.

    Additional Information:
    SharePoint enterprise 2010
    Office 2010
    Web Apps installed
    I’m the SharePoint Admin and I’m just starting to learn ADRMS

  2. Hi, thanks! In brief, there is no Office Web Apps support for IRM in 2010, and generally speaking, if Rights Management is your aim, you will want a full client. Since SharePoint enforces Rights Management at a document library level, you have an opportunity to align these policies with how users will open documents in them by setting the default opening behaviour appropriately.

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