Office 365 Single Sign Out with ISA or TMG as the ADFS Proxy

Over the last year I’ve spent a decent chunk of my time shaping and delivering Identity and Access Management workshops for Office 365 projects at Content and Code. This is generally underpinned by Active Directory Federation Services v2.0 (ADFS). In fact I don’t think we’ve done a single Office 365 project without it. Along the way […]

When Lync Online Traffic Routes Peer-to-Peer

Following my last post on Lync, Strings and Cans I need to report further detail on my test findings, wherein I identified that some Lync Online traffic would route peer-to-peer. This was an exciting finding for us, and remains so, although we’ve also uncovered some initially-unexpected nuances. To this end, my first post describes a […]

Lync, Strings and Cans

Like a lot of people in the Microsoft partner community, I’ve been catching up with Lync this year and digging in to the finer details with a few of my colleagues. One thing we wanted to understand better was the routing between two users over a LAN, a private WAN, or some other connection where […]

Amazon VPC and VM Import Updates

In the last couple of weeks I’ve received notification of two important updates regarding Amazon Web Services. I thought I’d share them here, as they are both relevant to use of SharePoint 2010 on EC2 and I’ve seen no mention of them elsewhere. If you’re interested in this broader topic, I’ve covered it in detail […]

SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure for Amazon EC2 Part IV: Cost Analysis

In the previous posts in this series I’ve discussed the AWS platform and took a closer look at storage, snapshots and provisioning, looked at networking and cloning and then reviewed administration, delegation and licensing. In this post I will analyse cost, which is probably the most important factor when considering a move to the cloud. […]

SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure for Amazon EC2 Part III: Administration, Delegation and Licensing

In the first part of this series on SharePoint 2010 infrastructure considerations for Amazon EC2, I introduced the AWS platform and took a closer look at storage, snapshots and provisioning. In the second post I moved on to networking and cloning. In this third post I will discuss administration, delegation and licensing. Other posts in […]

SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure for Amazon EC2 Part II: Cloning and Networking

In my previous post I introduced some of the peculiarities of designing SharePoint 2010 environments for Amazon’s EC2, specifically focused on the AWS platform, storage, snapshots and provisioning. In this post I continue this exploration, moving on to cloning and networking considerations. Other posts in this series SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure for Amazon EC2 Part I: […]

SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure for Amazon EC2 Part I: Storage and Provisioning

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been around for a while now but there’s been surprisingly little ­­use or abuse in the SharePoint community, from what I’ve seen. A notable exception to this is Andrew Woodward’s novel and interesting approach to Exchange BPOS migration via Amazon EC2. But that doesn’t talk much about SharePoint on […]