Scheduled Sitemap Generation for SharePoint 2010 Websites

As promised in my SharePoint 2010 SEO Analysis with the IIS SEO Toolkit post, while the IIS.NET SEO Toolkit does an excellent job of generating an initial sitemap and providing a nice GUI for ad hoc updates, it does not offer any obvious scheduling mechanism to ensure that your sitemap stays current with the changing content in your CMS. Thankfully, my colleague Glyn Clough whipped up some PowerShell to produce a full sitemap for your web application based on Jie Li’s initial script, which was scoped at the root web. Running this as a Windows scheduled task will get you a very up-to-date sitemap for all sites in your web application with very little on-going maintenance. Nice one Glyn!

2 thoughts on “Scheduled Sitemap Generation for SharePoint 2010 Websites”

  1. Hi Tristan,

    do you know if there is now a way to schedule the sitemap updates in the IIS SEO Toolkit. Or is it still better to use Glyn’s script?


  2. Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately I’m not aware of any changes to the SEO Toolkit that would enable this, but I honestly haven’t looked at it in a while. So I’d recommend Glyn’s script still. If it’s not doing something you need, I imagine he might be able to update it – he’s a pretty accommodating fellow! Out of curiosity, is it missing something or is this a server admin thing?



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