180 days is approaching

It’s now nearly 180 days since theĀ MOSS 2007 SP2 product expiration problem was discovered. Any systems that are running with the original version of SP2 will expire 180 days after it was installed. There are some quite simple solutions to this problem, but it’s worth assessing the state of your systems to make sure they […]

SharePoint 2007 administration part V: Site Collection administration

This is the fifth post in a six-part series on SharePoint 2007 administrative commands. So far I’ve covered: Part I: Overview Part II: Farm administration Part III: web application administration Part IV: Shared Service Provider (SSP) administration In this post I will review Site Collection-scoped administrative functions. Note: everyone with a My Site is a […]

SharePoint 2007 administration part IV: SSP administration

This is the fourth post in a six-part series on SharePoint 2007 administrative commands. The first part was an overview, the second covered Farm administration, the third covered web application administration, and this post is devoted to Shared Service Provider (SSP) administration. The bulk of this post only applies to MOSS, as there is no […]

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Federated Search

Federated Search is one of the most useful and interesting additions to MOSS 2007 since it was launched. It’s now been announced for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Federated Search was integrated into MOSS 2007 with the post-SP1 Infrastructure Update, which effectively brought the Search Server 2008 product to the MOSS 2007 platform. […]

SharePoint 2007 administration part III: web application administration

This is the third post in a six-part series on SharePoint 2007 administrative commands. The first part was an overview and the second covered Farm administration. This part covers web application administration, which is carried out in SharePoint Central Administration. These administrative functions are carried out by farm administrators, but scoped at the application level […]

SharePoint 2007 administration part II: Farm administration

This post is part two of a six part series on SharePoint 2007 administrative commands. The first post is an overview of the effort. This section identifies what farm administrators can do at the farm level. Farm administrators also administer SharePoint web applications, but I will be covering that functionality in the next post. Note: […]

SharePoint 2007 administration part I: Overview

Last night I remembered that after I read the SharePoint Administrator’s Companion I put together my own administrative guide. I needed something much shorter that would take the SharePoint administrative interfaces as a starting point. This was effectively a click-by-click administrative reference. In fact, I assembled it by going through each button click available. I […]

SharePoint history and pre-history

Jeff Teper, the Microsoft SharePoint Corporate Vice President has posted a history of SharePoint on the team blog. Note: it could use a proofread, but I think it’s worth sticking with it if you’re not intimately familiar with the product already. I found a couple of thing particularly interesting: The Office 2010 Engineering blog. I’m […]

Custom STSADM command for BackConnectionHostNames

Gary Lapointe recently released a custom STSADM command for setting the BackConnectionHostNames registry key. The relevant Microsoft KB article recommends specifying each host header with theĀ  BackConnectionHostNames key rather than disabling the loopback check, as this check is a valuable security fix. As Gary Lapointe mentions, Spencer Harbar put together some thorough background information on […]