WordPress 3.0 is here (here)

I’ve just put my cowboy hat on and did a WordPress 2.9.x -> 3.0 automatic upgrade (after backing up the database with the WordPress Database Backup plug-in). It completed very quickly and the site seems to be running much faster now. The theme will take some time to get right but I opted to put the new Twenty Ten default theme in place because the layout options are nice and I wanted to get to grips with it ASAP. So far so good. All of the old functionality seemed to keep working, even though much of it is not 3.0 certified yet. I just needed to replace my widgets after switching to the new theme, but that was expected/normal. The cowboy hat’s back in storage again now until I decide to do some other ill-advised stuff upgrade my music site.

K2, Thematic and a hex colour picking tool

I generally don’t do anything front-end if I can help it, but I’ll get my hands dirty when I need to. I recently played with a number of different K2 stylesheets and the newer Thematic framework while redesigning this site. I could only find one child theme that I really liked for Thematic, which was Second to None, but I wanted a dark version, so I set to work trying to interpret his stylesheet and inverted all of the background and text colours (as a starting point). This probably sounds easier than it is with the complexity of stylesheets today. At any rate, I eventually gave up when I realised that all of the icons looked funny in this inverted scheme, but I thought I’d share the Hex Colour picking tool that I found when bumbling through this, as I would have been lost with out it.