6 thoughts on “User Profile Picture Export Permissions”

  1. Thanks very much for this guide, it is by far the most inclusive for the subject. The trouble I’m having, is that when I look for the security settings:
    They are not there. When I look at the attributes, I see them all, but I can’t find them under the property security tab. I have followed your whole guide, and in a move of desperation, enabled full control to my sync account, but to no avail in exporting to AD. The funny thing is, when I changed the picture on My Site, and ran a full sync, it deleted the old property that I had manually loaded to AD, but didn’t replace it.

    Any thoughts would be welcome!!!

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi James,

    Unfortunately I don’t have any good ideas off the top of my head. You’re looking at the properties of the OU, right? Can you see these properties on any OU? And you can see the properties outside of the Security settings? Maybe a Domain Controller group policy could prevent these security changes? Grasping at straws here! I’d be interested to know what it is if you have any luck. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.



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