4 thoughts on “User Profile Synchronisation and the SharePoint Server 2010 December 2010 Cumulative Update”

  1. Hi Chandima,

    Your post is of course a far superior consideration of all the topics – I was just noting my experience for those who are familiar with the general considerations and recommending adding the Farm account as local admin before rebooting after install, so as to avoid two reboots. I’ll update the post with a link to your post though now, as it’s probably going to be more useful to most people than mine!

    So you know, I actually saw your post about this a few weeks ago in my RSS reader but your RSS feed is summary-only and I forgot to go back and read your post. For people like me who primarily read blogs underground, it means I never get a chance to read your posts. I know there are other reasons why people choose to truncate their feeds, like driving traffic to the site (I used to do this), but thought I’d mention why I didn’t read your post before I wrote mine! 🙂



  2. you don’t ever need to reboot after adding the farm acocunt to local admins, just restart the SPTimer service to ensure the rights are applied to the farm account.

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