SharePoint Server 2010 Search Scopes and Pre-Windows 2000 Compatibility Access

Back in the pre-release days of SharePoint 2010, one of the most reliable sources of information on infrastructure issues was Russ Maxwell’s SharePoint Brew blog. It’s still a great resource, although he’s posting less frequently now than he was during the beta. In this post I want to share my findings regarding Pre-Windows 2000 Compatibility […]

Conficker Protection Breaks Search

A couple of months ago I was happily building a client’s SharePoint Server 2010 farm when I stumbled at Search. The Service Application provisioned fine, but when I pushed out topology changes I started to have problems. Later, these problems returned in different forms, but the root cause appears to have been consistent. In this […]

Fixing the Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application Proxy

You may notice that the Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy is Stopped after deploying it in your environment. This is not just a matter of starting the service like it is with some Service Applications. In this case the SA proxy itself appears to be stopped.

SharePoint 2010 links from the first day post-NDA

My RSS Reader was clogged with new SharePoint 2010 stuff this morning from the conference: The¬†SharePoint 2010 Developer Center is live now on MDSN SharePoint developer documentation team blog SharePoint 2010 Website SharePoint 2010 forum Three articles from Spencer Harbar: SharePoint 2010: Developer Tools Overview SharePoint 2010: Enterprise Readiness SharePoint 2010: Service Applications Part One: […]