SharePoint Server 2010 Search Scopes and Pre-Windows 2000 Compatibility Access

Back in the pre-release days of SharePoint 2010, one of the most reliable sources of information on infrastructure issues was Russ Maxwell’s SharePoint Brew blog. It’s still a great resource, although he’s posting less frequently now than he was during the beta. In this post I want to share my findings regarding Pre-Windows 2000 Compatibility […]

Troubleshooting SharePoint 2010 and ULS log changes

SharePoint 2010 ULS logging adds a very useful new column called the Correlation ID. The ID tracks a request and greatly simplifies finding detailed error logging in SharePoint trace logs. Additionally, Mattias Karlson points out that there’s a new CodePlex project called ULSViewer which parses SharePoint 2010 logs in a friendly view. The correlation ID […]